Debris Removal


Debris removal requires patience, good physical endurance and proper form when picking up leaves, branches and small trees.

Debris removal on a large scale can take days at a time and homeowners who have large yards often get frustrated at the prospect of spending that much time on these projects. The task of raking leaves, pruning bushes and dealing with piles of debris gone astray can be daunting even for someone in good physical shape. As people get rid of the debris on their property, they need to be cognizant of their energy level. Debris removal typically takes place following a storm or weather situation involving high winds.

One of the most common occasions for debris removal is a sever summer storm where wind, hale and driving rains knock tree branhes to the ground.

Another occasion for debris removal comes during the autumn. As the autumn months pass, trees of all types begin to shed their leaves in preparation for winter. The leaves create a beautiful rainbow of colors for observers but also create a huge job for debris removal experts. The sheer weight of leaf mounds is compounded by autumn rain, gusty winds and uneven surfaces creating the illusion of smaller piles.

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