Fall is an ideal time of the year to start planting more trees and shrubs. The breeze starts blowing crisp, cool air all around, encouraging communities and their residents to enjoy the outdoors–including pleasant views of vibrant colors emitting from the trees.

Fall Tree planting for your backyard: 

  1. Choose the right tree for the right place.Make sure you pick a plant that will thrive in the space in which you have to plant it.
  2. Dig the hole. “The most important step is getting the tree in the ground,” Laverne says. Dig a hole wide enough to accommodate the entire root system of the tree–but not too deep.
  3. Prepare the tree for placement. To avoid planting the tree too deep and preventing oxygen from reaching the roots, Laverne suggests finding the root flare and expose it by removing the soil surrounding the area were the trunk meets the balled and burlapped root ball.
  4. Transfer the tree to the hole. Remove all synthetic burlap and roping before planting the tree. “Transport the tree carefully by moving it by the root ball only,” Laverne says.
  5. Back fill with nutrient-rich soil, then apply mulch. Mulch helps control the

    temperature beneath soil level, as well as moistens soil so pre-established roots obtain sufficient water for proper growth.

Interested in enhancing the tree canopy above your landscape? Grade A Tree Care, board certified master arborist, can show you how to plant a tree:

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