Storm’s a-Comin’

Storm’s a-Comin’

Mother Nature has a way of helping us out with our tree trimming in Kansas City, doesn’t she? Even when we don’t want her help. And, let’s be honest, she’s not the best at sculpting and shaping, and she’s incredibly careless with limbs. We at Grade-A Tree Care have...

Snow again..get ready

Oh how we were wishing that we didn’t have to bring this back out!! Snow in the forecast again! So much for Spring.. hurry up we are ready to warm weather! Contact us today if you need snow removal!

No tree is big ENOUGH!

The higher the tree the bigger the challenge. At Grade A Tree we look forward to helping you take care of your trees. The bigger the better… that’s what we call fun and challenging. Contact us today! 

When to Prune

This depends to a large extent on why you prune. Light pruning and the removal of dead wood can be done anytime. Otherwise, here are some guidelines, but recognizing that individual species may differ is important to remember. Winter Pruning Pruning during dormancy is...