Mother Nature has a way of helping us out with our tree trimming in Kansas City, doesn’t she?

Even when we don’t want her help. And, let’s be honest, she’s not the best at sculpting and shaping, and she’s incredibly careless with limbs. We at Grade-A Tree Care have known quite a few home and business owners who have been forced to call us after she’s sent limbs and branches through their windows, car windshields and power lines creating enormous inconveniences and expenses. Or worse, their trees have caused damage to a neighbor’s property and not only do they need to clean up the tree but also pay for the mess and any potential lawsuit fees.

According to Allstate Insurance, tree limbs and branches cost homeowners millions of dollars every year.

While most insurance policies cover property damage caused by trees, that only applies to those that are well-maintained. If a tree on your property is dead or diseased and a storm causes it to fall into a neighbor’s property, you may be liable if an insurance adjuster finds that you were negligent and failed to trim your tree properly.

At Grade-A Tree Care, we believe preventative action is the best way to avoid the hazards of spring and summer storms—especially in Kansas and Missouri. High winds are a given this time of year, and destructive thunderstorms can pop up out of nowhere. Instead of waiting for your limbs and branches to crash into unexpected places, we suggest calling our professional tree trimmers.

For every client, our crew will create a plan to trim in such a way that leaves your plants shapely, healthy and safe by…

  1. Carefully removing branches and limbs for the purpose of benefitting each tree’s growth.
  2. Examining trees and determining which parts to trim to eliminate safety hazards and produce the healthiest plant.
  3. Considering lighting when trimming to ensure you the desired amount of shade and sun.

Part of being a responsible property owner involves taking action before you’re forced to. By calling Grade-A Tree Care for preventative tree trimming, you’re doing what’s best for yourself and those around you by—literally—cutting off many weather-related dangers.

So don’t wait for a limb to wind up in your or a neighbor’s window. Find out more about our rates and services by scheduling a free tree service consultation or calling (816) 779-4468.